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Office of Castilla-La Mancha to the EU

The Office of Castilla-La Mancha to the EU in Brussels, which reports to the Vicepresidency of the Regional Government, aims to represent and defend the Region’s interests at the heart of European politics and Institutions.

At present, a considerable number of policies and regulations implemented by regional authorities are conditioned by decisions taken at the European level, which is why nearly all regions and main cities of the continent have a permanent representation to the EU.

Thus, the Office of Castilla-La Mancha to the EU:

  • Assists the Regional Government in its dialogue with the European Institutions, as well as with other regions, cities, networks and organisations at the European level;
  • Identifies and compiles information on programmes and interesting initiatives for the Region;
  • Establishes contact with potential partners for projects and actively tracks the EU’s political and legislative agenda;
  • Guarantees the direct representation of the Region in any advisory or decision bodies open to the participation of Regional Authorities;
  • Acts as the permanent link between the Directorate General for European Affairs with the European Committee of the Regions and contributes to various working groups in the Council of the EU, in coordination with the rest of the Spanish Regions;
  • Coordinates numerous visits from society representatives of Castilla-La Mancha during their trips to Brussels;
  • Serves as a reception and support platform for citizens from Castilla-La Mancha that move to Brussels to work or study in fields related to the EU and its context.

It is located inside the Permanent Representation of Spain to the EU.


Boulevard du Régent, 52

1000 Bruselas

Phone n. 1: +32 250 98 628

Phone n. 2: +34 682 227 666

Phone n. 3: +34 648 586 666


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